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Trá Lí, Co. Kerry  
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Traffic Management

New Traffic Management Plan

Our new school is on the opposite side of the road, therefore, our one-way system will now be reversed. Parents are asked to approach the school from the main Abbeydorney road and having dropped your child off turn left, out of the school and use the Gurrane Road (back road) which joins the main Tralee/Abbeydorney Road. Cars must not exit right at the school gate. This will allow traffic to flow in one direction and alleviate traffic jams.

  • Please do not park in the staff carpark or obstruct the entrance as this is an emergency exit.
  • Please do not park in the bus area outside the main gate specifically assigned for bus parking.
  • Ensure that all childminders etc. are aware of this new traffic system.

Morning Routine

  • There are two set-down areas when you drive in the school gate. In the morning parents can park in these set-down areas while waiting for staff to come on duty at 8.30am.
  • Please park only in these set-down areas as staff need access to the staff car park. Staff will drive past the set down area to their car park.
  • From 8.30am when staff are in the basketball court on duty pupils can exit the cars at set-down area 2 as highlighted in the photo attached.

Evening Routine

1.30pm – Junior & Senior Infant Collection

  • Teachers and SNAs will bring the classes to the basketball court. Parents can park in either set-down area and collect their child from the basketball court. Please follow the path and crossing to the set-down area 2, if you are parked in set down area 1.

2.30pm – 1st to 6th Class Collection

  • All classes will be brought to the basketball court in the evening.
  • Parents can park in the set-down areas only. Please do not block the traffic flow.
  • Children can be collected from the basketball court or your child/ren will be sent to your car as you pull in to set-down area 2.
  • It is very important that cars move away quickly after pick-up.

As this is new to all of us, please bear with us as we find the best way to manage our new traffic system. Thank you.